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Body piercings, colorful kavadis and chanting: Thaipusam Festival 2019

Usually, I run from needles. The idea of something sharp sliding through anyone’s flesh is enough to make me feel a little less steady on my feet. But yesterday, I walked willingly through the country’s epicenter of all things sharp, spikey and barbed and I actually watched as men pierced each other’s chest, back, arms, tongue and head. Yesterday was Thaipusam, the Hindu festival of devotion, prayers and penance. (Thai = the name of the month on the Tamil calendar, and Pusam = the name of a star, which is at its highest point during the festival). Hindus dedicate the

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One more step along the world I go

Before I had children, my company sent me to London for a two-week business trip (or secondment, as they so fancily called it) to fill in for one of my counterparts in public relations who was away on her honeymoon. Not only was it my first time in the U.K., it was my first time to travel internationally by myself. I had a bit of a rocky start, thanks to a mix-up with my hotel, which landed me in a NON-AIRCONDITIONED room during a midsummer heat wave. And I swear the hotel looked just like the one in The Shining,

Good Meals Gone Bad

Good Meals Gone Bad: Plumdelicious Pork Tenderloin

Last week, when my kids came bounding into the kitchen to ask what’s for dinner, I pointed to the platter on our counter and held back a laugh. As soon as they saw my Plumdelicious Pork Tenderloin, they immediately began begging for our default backup meal (chicken nuggets). Even my husband, who never complains about anything I cook, raised an eyebrow at the two brown curiosities waiting to be eaten. The recipe had looked like a winner of a dinner. It had simple ingredients (pork, plums, cinnamon, ground allspice, etc.) and it was simple to prepare (rub the spices on