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My First Cat Cafe Experience

Anyone who's read my Hadley Home Design Cozy Mystery books knows Hadley's FAVORITE place for coffee in Darlington Hills is the Whisks and Whiskers Cat Cafe. It's also where she ... READ the POST

New Zealand Photo Gallery

In March 2019, we rented a tiny car that barely fit the four of us and our suitcases and drove counterclockwise around New Zealand's South Island. Starting in Christchurch, we ... READ the POST

Tan Si Chong Su Temple

It was a beautiful morning for a photo walk. We visited the Tan Si Chong Su Temple, which is in Singapore's central business district. This temple was full of fascinating ... READ the POST

Haw Par Villa – The Nightmare Theme Park

This morning I went to Singapore's Haw Par Villa cultural theme park with my friend Audrey, and I'm still having trouble mentally digesting everything we saw. It's an outdoor art ... READ the POST

Body piercings & kavadis: Thaipusam 2019

Usually, I run from needles. But yesterday I walked willingly through the country’s epicenter of all things sharp, spikey and barbed and I actually watched as men pierced each ... READ the POST

Put on Your Best Book Face

Have you ever been accused of having your nose in a book? Of course you have! This month, challenge your book club friends or writing group to put their nose behind a book. That’s ... READ the POST