Sooner or later, your day will come… to host a book club meeting, that is. You’ll either dive into planning your event a solid month before, and feverishly pin online inspirations to your Pinterest board while taste testing possible hors d’oeuvres, OR, you’ll view your hosting obligation as a cruel penance for your book obsession.

Which camp are you in?

For those in Camp Gung-Ho, I’m assuming you’re reading this weeks—or months—before you host your book club meeting. You have pleeeenty of time to order your favorite items from the list below.  

For my friends in Camp Procrastinator, have no fear. You don’t need a flourishing Pinterest board to pull off a successful book club meeting. After a quick throw-everything-into-the-closet clean-up session and a last-minute run to the grocery store, you’ll be fine.

Inhale… now exhale.

But if you do have some time to plan, considering spicing up your next meeting with one or more of the fabulously fun book-related items below.

11 Fabulously Fun Essentials for Your Book Club

1. Book Wine Charms

Stay classy with these classic book wine charms. The set shown below includes six charms, but if you need more, this seller offers larger sets of book wine charms. Sold by StephsScrapsNTags on Etsy. 

Essential Book Club Gear

2. Cutting Board

Serve up some good humor with these book-esque cutting boards, perfect for serving cheese, crackers and fruit, or for… well, cutting. This Etsy shop also offers other titles, such as “Marinade Poppins.” Sold by CuttingBoredom on Etsy.

Book Club Essentials
Photo by CuttingBoredom on Etsy

3. Wooden Coasters

Have fun with these punny classic book coasters. They are handmade from solid wood from scraps of the cutting boards shown above. They come in varying quantities, ranging from  $17 for two coasters to a little over $100 for the entire set of 15. Sold by CuttingBoredom on Etsy.

Book Club Essentials
Photo by CuttingBoredom on Etsy.

4. Library Book Date Due Card Paper Plates

If you like to use disposable (recyclable) plates for your book club meetings, these are for you! If you’re in love with this library due date card design, you can even transfer it to other items like napkins, t-shirts, wrapping paper and mousepads. Sold by EndlessVintage on Zazzle.

5. Book Wreath

Welcome your friends to your bookworm abode with this beautiful wreath made from book pages. Because nothing screams book lover quite like a decoration made of ripped-up books. (But seriously, aren’t these wreaths amazing?!?) Sold by LibraLivre on Etsy.

Book Club Essentials
Photo by LibraLivre on Etsy

6. Book Bouquet

Continuing with the theme of book mutilation… Bring the written word to the center stage with these beautiful book page bouquets. Put them in a Mason jar or your favorite vase and place on top of a stack of books. Sold by MyCottonBranch on Etsy.

Book Club Essentials
Photo by MyCottonBranch on Etsy

7. Book Pages Pencil Set

Keep some pencils wrapped in book pages on-hand for your avid note-taker friends.  These also make excellent gifts for your fellow book lovers. Sold by TurningThePage on Etsy.

Book Club Essentials
Photo by TurningThePage on Etsy

8. Book Soap

Say “no” to boring bathroom breaks and “yes” to guests with clean hands with this mini book-shaped soap. This Etsy shop offers different colors. The only thing that would make these more perfect is if they actually smelled like books. (Although they do have a white tea aroma). Sold by TheSoapLibrarian on Etsy.

Book Club Essentials
Photo by TheSoapLibrarian on Etsy

9. Decorative Couch Pillows

With a flick of your wand and a click of your mouse, you can bring Albus Dumbledore’s words of wizardly wisdom into your home. You can buy just the covers for these two pillows for $35, or add the inserts for $50. Sold by AndersAttic on Etsy.   

Book Club Essentials
Photo by Sold by AndersAttic on Etsy

10. Book-Themed Wine Glasses

Pair your wine with your wit with these bookish glasses. The only downside to these is you can’t use the adorable book wine charms shown above. Sold by CustomKreationGoods on Etsy.

Book Club Essentials
Photo by CustomKreationGoods on Etsy

11. Book Cake Pan

If you can pull yourself away from your book long enough to bake, then why not bake a book? Bonus: You can get it in two days if you have Amazon Prime. Sold on Amazon

Do you have any of the items listed above? Or any other fun book-related decorations, gadgets, or gizmos? Leave a comment below to share your favorites!

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