Alright, my writerly friends… let’s stretch our creative muscles and write a caption for this fun photo! Your caption can be funny, poignant, poetic, mysterious—it’s up to you! 

Halloween is in several weeks, which means stores are keeping shelves stocked with candy, spooky decorations and other fun tricks and treats. I snapped this photo at my local grocery store in early October, so kudos to the folks at HEB for their Halloween decorating awesomeness. 

Captions from Instagram
A special thanks to the super-creative Instagrammers who initially provided a caption for this writing challenge. I’m lovin’ the puns and humor in these!

  1. These prices will grab you by surprise! —suzanneglickmanwriter
  2. Frozen Handburger —Erikammon13
  3. It’s edible. The hand-lookin’ fish. Try it! —Ange.teo_sg
  4. Just another day at the meat grinding store —pgrabbe09
  5. Low prices for fresh fish and fresh hand! —moberton99
  6. I said I’m sorry! Now get me out of here! —jenniferkirkeby

Now it’s your turn! Post your caption—or captions—in the comments section. I can’t wait to read them!


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