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Put on Your Best Book Face

Have you ever been accused of having your nose in a book? Of course you have!

This month, challenge your book club friends or writing group to put their nose behind a book. That’s right, stand behind a book and start snapping photos. Book face photos are nothing short of hysterical because they look so odd. It’s similar to swapping heads or bodies using photo editing software, but it’s much easier to pull it off.

There are numerous books with covers that are perfect for book face photos. Before you head to the library or bookstore, browse the books on your shelves. Covers that feature only part of a person or animal (such as a face) are ideal.

It’s all about perspective

Depending on the size of the cover image, you may be able to hold the book yourself and take a photo, but it usually looks best if someone else stands 3-6 ft. away, holds the book, aligns it with your body and takes the photo.

Make sure you have plenty of natural light for your photo. If you take the photo in a dimly lit room and the flash goes off, then the book will appear much lighter than the person standing behind it. I made this mistake on a couple of book face photos I took in my kids’ rooms, and I had to adjust the lighting afterwards in Photoshop.

Challenge your friends to a book face contest

If you want guaranteed giggles at your next get-together, challenge your friends to a book face photo contest. Nominate someone to collect the photos, then tell everyone to text their photo to the designated collector. Print the photos out and position them around the room at your host’s house… wrapped around a bottle of wine, thumbtacked to the wall near your coat rack, or featured in a cheap acrylic frame amid your hors d’oeuvres and desserts.

Or, if your group of friends has a Facebook group, upload your book face photos there and share in the virtual laughter.

Kids LOVE This Activity!

Book face photos are an amazing way to get kids fired up about reading. Go on a scavenger hunt at the library for a book with an image of a face or part of a face. My kids laughed hysterically at the silly photos of them behind their books. The zanier the better!

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My Book Face Family

1. Pinkalicious, by Victoria Kann & Elizabeth Kann

We pinkified my daughter’s book face photo with this classic, which was one of her favorites when she was a little younger. Too bad we couldn’t find matching dress-up shoes for this photo, LOL!

Pinkalicious, by Victoria Kann & Elizabeth Kann

2. That’s Not My Monster, by Fiona Watt and Racheal Wells

That’s not my child…oh wait—yes it is!

That’s Not My Monster, by Fiona Watt and Racheal Wells

3. Sofia the First, by Catherine Hapka and Grace Lee

I may or may not have bribed my daughter to dress up in her old princess dress for this photo…

Sofia the First, by Catherine Hapka and Grace Lee

4. The Body Sculpting Bible Express for Men: 21 Minutes a Day to Physical Perfection, by James Villepigue and Hugo Rivera

Surprisingly, it didn’t take much convincing to get my husband, Miles, to pose behind this book…

The Body Sculpting Bible Express for Men by James Villepigue and Hugo Rivera

5. Are You my Mommy? Little Bunny (Touch and Feel), by Kait Eaton

What you can’t see in this photo are all of the cat treats my kids put behind the book so Kirby would hold still long enough for me to snap a photo.

Are You My Mommy? Little Bunny (Touch & Feel) by Kait Eaton

Other Books You’ll Want to Stand Behind

Here’s a list of 20 books you can use for your next book face photo. I haven’t read all of these, but I added a number of them to my to-be-read list! If you have had success with other books, I’d love to hear about them. Leave a comment below or share your photos on social media and tag me @obertonwrites. Be sure to use the #bookface and/or #bookfaceFriday hashtags so other book lovers can laugh along with you. I can’t wait to see your photos!   


Be sure to let me know if there are others to add to this list! Leave a comment below to share.

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