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The 15 Best Book Flat Lays on Instagram

One of my favorite trends in the bookish community is the book flat lay. They’re fun, they’re beautiful, and they tell a story by using a variety of items. 

The 15 best Book Flat Lays

I love book flat lays that include elements from the story. Some of the best ones show what the story is about better than a written summary. Have you shot any book flat lays for your favorite books? Post them on Instagram or Twitter and tag me (@obertonwrites). I’d love to see them!

My 15 Favorite Book Flat Lays

1. This one is my favorite, and I promise that’s not because it was created by my friend Jenn, who knows everything about books and photography (and I was lucky enough to snag her as one of my beta readers for my first novel!)

A post shared by Jenny Robertson (@jenniferbaryn) on

2. This one makes me want to do a book flat lay photo project with my little ones… perhaps you’ll see one in a future post?

3. Even something as simple as confetti can add pizzazz to a flat lay… 

4. I love this Instagram user’s visual interpretation of Eat, Pray, Love

5. The printed quotes in this flat lay are a great visual…

6. Honestly, I selected this flat lay because of the donuts.

7. Who says you have to use an actual book in your book flat lay? E-books are quite photogenic, too, as this image proves…

8. I’m a fan of any photo that matches nail polish with the book cover. 

A post shared by MADISON (@missminniemusebooks) on

9. Tell me you don’t want to take a trip to the beach and read A Caribbean Mystery after seeing this flat lay! I can almost hear seagulls cawing…  


10. A fun pop of pink for this classic… 

11. Yet another reason to buy those fairy lights your kids want… you can use them for your flat lays! 

12. Creativity at its finest! I pledge allegiance to the flag…  

A post shared by Rissi JC (@rissi006) on

13. I can’t get over the stuffed turtle on top of the book… Love!

A post shared by nina☁ (@ambivalentina.books) on

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