My First Cat Cafe Experience

Anyone who’s read my Hadley Home Design Cozy Mystery books knows Hadley’s FAVORITE place for coffee in Darlington Hills is the Whisks and Whiskers Cat Cafe. It’s also where she adopted her own cat, Razzy.

Although Whisks and Whiskers is a product of my imagination, the concept of a place that serves drinks and snacks amid a room full of cats is real. I visited such a place, The Cat Cafe, for the first time with my kids when I was living in Singapore. We LOVED it! The cats were so sweet and most let us play with them. One of the more adventurous cats even tried to share some of our hot chocolate!

All of the cats at the cafe we visited are former strays. The cafe cares for them and assists with their adoption in permanent, loving homes. It was hard to resist adopting one (or two or three!) but our own cat, Kirby, is currently the king of our household and would not adapt well to another pet.

Hope you enjoy the photos of these sweet cats!

All photos by Emily Oberton.

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